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Addis Butterfly


Addis Butterfly
Chaetodon semilarvatus
Place of origin: 
Red Sea
Red Sea, ranging south to Gulf of Aden. Various coral reef habitats to about 25m depth. Occur in pairs or form large aggregations. Latter often seen around large bommies with big over-hanging plate corals, resting almost motionless in the shade for most of the day, until feeding time when they move out in pairs over the reef, each going their own way. Feeds primarily on coral polyps. Length to 20cm, reported to 23cm.

The members of the family Chaetodontidae, popularly know as butterflyfishes, coralfishes and bannerfishes. Most species of butterflyfish live in the warm tropical seas of the Indo-Pacific (about 90%) with the remainder in the Atlantic. Only a few species are found in subtropical waters, bordering onto subtemperate zones. The butterflyfish have a highly compressed body in which the back is raised , forming an elongate-oval to near circular shape in some; a small protactible mouth with brush-like teeth in the jaws; a continuous dorsal fin with strong and sharp spines in the anterior section, followed by a large-surface soft part; an anal fin mirroring the soft part of the dorsal fin , headed by 3-5 strong spines, of which the 2nd is often greatly enlarged.

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