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TMC Bristol's Show Tank!
Jun . 06 / 2018

This is the gorgeous display tank in TMC Bristol's reception area!

A lot of time and care has gone into its set up and maintenance and most of the corals have been grown from frags we have spotted in our fish house.

The tank is a Signature 600 with sump, skimmer and Zetlight UFO light above and we have included a few nice reef fish including a pair of tank bred Emperor Cardinals, tank bred Naked Clowns, tank bred Blue-headed Canary Blenny, Phantom Blenny, Yellow Eye Tang and a very rare Whitecap Goby and Pistol Shrimp pair. 

We use frozen Gamma Foods daily to feed the fish and Gamma NutraPlus Reef Food to feed the corals. We also add Tropic Marin ALL-FOR-REEF and PRO-CORAL ORGANIC to maintain great coral growth and colour.