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Broiler Case Study - Lower Oakley Farm, Somerset
Jan . 21 / 2021

Biolumen Nature Perfect lighting technology is shown to improve bird welfare by reducing vice and improving feeding. Ultimately an improvement in FCR results in a 19 month return on investment even before taking electricity savings into account.

The broiler house was compared to an identical unit with traditional lighting in place.







Size of Building: 75 x 11.8m

Lights: 72 x BioLumen Ocean Blue Strip LED, plus 8 x BioLumen NUV Strip LED, designed to improve the visual acuity of the birds

Mounting: 4 rows of catenary wire at 2.1m height

Control: 1 x BioLumen Control Unit to allow flexible photoperiod control


1st Year Results

• New arrivals settling and spreading quickly and evenly.

• Earlier feeding and noticeably reduced early mortality rate.

• Reduced food wastage resulting in cleaner house floors.

• Calmer birds, with fewer signs of aggression.

• Better feather coverage.

• Statistical analysis shows an overall improvement in FCR, resulting in lowered feed to reach target weight.


Saving Calculations

Cost of equipment: £5790

Feed saved per crop: 2.6 tonnes*

Cost of feed: £260 per tonne

Annum savings: £3718

ROI of 19 months BEFORE electricity savings

*based on average of 10450 birds



Biolumen lighting includes our patented Nature Perfect blue LED technology which is comfortable for humans to work under, but also perfectly placed to improve animal visual acuity as well as entrain hormonal processes with the use of proper control of light/dark periods.


 Low Energy                                  Suitable for Harsh Environments     +3 Year Warranty           

 Low Carbon Footprint               IP67 (waterproof)                                   UK Designed      

 Low Voltage                                 Resistant to Ammonia                         UK Based Support   

 Easy Installation                         Impact Resistant