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Fundraising for Ukraine
Mar . 25 / 2022

TMC and its employees have not been indifferent to the terrible situation that is unfolding in Ukraine.

In this way, we decided to find ways to help those who need it most.

On our site in Lisbon, Portugal, where a large ukrainian community lives, several basic necessities were donated that have already been transported by truck to the borders of Ukraine.

From the UK, our employee Jolanta decided to create the challenge "Mothers United" with UNICEF.

"Like you, I have seen the images of mothers and mothers-to-be trying to escape from the dangers currently in Ukraine, seeking shelter and refuge for their families. These images have been imprinted on my mind. I cannot escape the horror they must be going through. Each day I feel helpless watching the news and I desperately want to do something to let those mothers know that I stand united with them.

These women are facing their (our) worst fears for their children. The mental and physical challenges they must be enduring… it is, for me, unimaginable. My unwavering desire to help is borne from wanting nothing else but to raise my own family in a peaceful and safe environment.

I am looking to raise funds for UNICEF, who are doing an enormous amount of relief work in Ukraine and surrounding countries. Keeping children safe is their primary aim. Please click on the link to find out more about their efforts."

Please read the story and make a small donation if you can. Please share the link with everyone you know to help spread the word.